New in ECCOLAB v2

ECCOLAB v2 Overview

Version 2 is a major step forward for ECCOLAB, adding powerful new functionality and extensive updated specification libraries:

  • Improved energy, carbon and cost lifecycle models with greater detail and accuracy.
  • New and extensive libraries covering a wide range of specifications and materials.
  • More complex geometry generation and the ability to freely add quantities to your buildings.
  • Additional design guidance capabilities with the introduction of Optimiser (beta) and Benchmark options.
  • Dynamically explore and compare your design options with the new visual charting engine.

ECCOLAB v1 Users

ECCOLAB v1 projects are not directly compatible with ECCOLAB v2 and results may vary between versions due to the changes in the models, databases and underlying libraries.

We will continue to make both versions of ECCOLAB available to users, maintaining full access to your current projects and data in version 1.


  • Enhanced fabric simulation.
  • Improved handling of framed glazing elements.     
  • U-value estimation.


  • Significantly enhanced carbon lifecycle modelling.
  • Added support for all BS EN 15978 life cycle stages.
  • Full separation of carbon sequestration reporting in line with RICS and LETI guidelines.
  • Construction installation estimates for material wastage and site activities.


  • New detailed construction and lifecycle cost estimation model.
  • Full transparency and customisation of estimating rules and assumptions.
  • Improved alignment between cost and carbon lifecycle model results.
  • Optional cost adjustment from base year using construction price indices.


  • Improved support for end-of-life scenarios.             

Geometry & Quantities

Building Generator

  • Building Generator now supports more complex geometries with additional parameters.
  • Option to save geometry with whole building templates.

Structural Quantities

  • New dynamic structural frame estimator for steel, in-situ reinforced concrete and glulam frame provides a better approximation of frame quantities at early stages.

Additional Quantities

  • You can now freely add additional material quantities to your building geometry or create a full carbon & cost lifecycle model without geometry.

Building and Specification Libraries

Option Specification

  • Preview, compare and change option specifications directly from the main option card.

Whole Building Template Library

  • New template library of whole building specifications covering a wide range of performance and construction types.

Specification Libraries

  • New specification template libraries covering use types, building fabric and finishes, structural frames, foundations and MEP systems alongside cost, carbon and lifecycle profiles.
  • New support for adding multiple assemblies to NRM groups in specification templates with percentage attribution to better represent more complex early-stage designs. Select which fabric option to simulate in energy model.

Assembly Library

  • New library of fabric build-ups covering a wide range of typical and low carbon construction techniques.
  • Added support for non-thermal, framed and service assemblies in addition to layered thermal assemblies.
  • Define assemblies by m, m2, m3, kg and units.
  • New ability to allocate assemblies to any NRM cost code.

Component Library

  • Full support for all BS EN 16978 lifecycle stages.
  • New extensive and intelligently curated component library based on the latest Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and ICE data covering carbon, lifecycle and physical properties.
  • Define components by m2, m3, kg and units

Library Sharing & Management

  • Improved specification template management with Project specific and User templates.
  • New capability to create and manage a shared organisational library with definable user edit permissions.

Design Guidance

New Optimiser (beta)

  • Quickly generate and simulate a huge range of potential design specification options using the Optimiser function.
  • Filter results and select successful options for inclusion in your project and further refinement.

Benchmark Options

  • Selectively override carbon, cost and energy models with project targets, benchmarks or building performance data.
  • Compare early briefing, concept and detailed designs and actual building performance data together in one work-space.

Data Visualisation, Outputs and Reporting

New Charting Engine

  • New dynamic visual charting engine with a wide range of informative charts that bring the power of ECCOLAB’s energy, carbon and cost models to life.
  • Compare between options or chart the details of individual options.
  • Download charts as image or data files for inclusion in your reports.

LETI Carbon Declaration Export

  • Export a fully populated version of the LETI Embodied Carbon Declaration Template directly from ECCOLAB, including a visual comparison with LETI benchmarks

Currently in Development

Enhanced Building Services Model

  • Fully integrated lifecycle carbon, cost and energy model for building services including extended libraries and support for CIBSE TM65.
  • Enhanced Services model with automatic system sizing and fully integrated lifecycle carbon, cost and energy analysis of MEP equipment and systems.
  • New Building Systems templates to support enhanced services model.
  • Dedicated services Components and Assembly libraries with full support for TM65.
  • Modelling of future energy source carbon intensity profiles and carbon pricing.

New Benchmarking Engine

  • Set organisational and industry benchmarking targets for your project and include in charting outputs.


  • Further charting and reporting enhancements.

Building Geometry

  • Building generator and model import / export enhancements including support for parametric shading.