New in ECCOLAB v2

ECCOLAB v2 Overview

Version 2 is a major step forward for ECCOLAB, adding powerful new functionality and extensive updated specification libraries:

ECCOLAB v1 Users

ECCOLAB v1 projects are not directly compatible with ECCOLAB v2 and results may vary between versions due to the changes in the models, databases and underlying libraries.

We will continue to make both versions of ECCOLAB available to users, maintaining full access to your current projects and data in version 1.





Geometry & Quantities

Building Generator

Structural Quantities

Additional Quantities

Building and Specification Libraries

Option Specification

Whole Building Templates

Specification Libraries

Assembly Library

Component Library

Library Sharing & Management

Design Guidance

New Optimiser (beta)

Benchmark Options

Data Visualisation, Outputs and Reporting

New Charting Engine

LETI Carbon Declaration Export

Currently in Development

Enhanced Building Services Model

New Benchmarking Engine


Building Geometry